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 Wishful Thinking: Sun Voyage

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PostSubject: Wishful Thinking: Sun Voyage   Wishful Thinking: Sun Voyage Icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2015 11:10 pm

Once upon a time there was a golden city. To show her love for its people, the goddess blessed them with a shining crystal that could grant wishes. With this boon they flourished and all were happy. Before returning to heaven, the goddess gave her warning not to abuse this gift. But by curiosity or thirst for power, that warning was ignored. Angered by this disobedience, the goddess summoned a great beast to punish her subjects in the city, and around the world. Until a lone girl, the princess of the golden city stood up to this destroyer. She rallied the people and together they fought. In the end, the princess gave her life that the world might be spared this destruction. And the destroyer was no more. So is the tale of the ancient city, the Sun of Lore, and the dark time... Annihilation. Some say that if you pray to the sun when it’s highest in the sky, the princess will take your prayer to the goddess and that prayer will be answered. And some believe that the holy crystal yet remains behind the walls of that ancient, hidden city...Norinn


Hasteriver Town, home of Merchants, Farmers, Traders...

People turn to the sound of a woman's piercing shriek. Around the corner comes K, weaving through the crowd like a snake as a couple of thugs round the bend in pursuit, bowling people over. They have horns like bulls and rings in their noses.

K pushes and shoves her way through the crowd.

K: 'Scuse me! Pardon me! HEY! Unless you want me to rob you blind, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

...And Thieves.

K makes a sharp turn around another corner as the two Thugs continue their pursuit.

THUG 1: Get her! GET HER!

THUG 2: The little pipsqueak's gettin' away!

K looks over her shoulder.

K: I'm not "little," I'm VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!

K sticks her tongue out at them, then turns her attention forward in time to leap over a fruit cart.

The two Thugs charge through like bulls, reducing the cart to little more than splinters and fruity paste, causing them to slip and skid forward past K as she veers off onto another street.

K: Thank you, natural selection.

K races down the street when another brute, this one with a scaled hide and long, reptilian tail, steps out from behind a nearby building, snarling at her. K runs right into him and falls back, dropping her satchel and spilling out a few gold coins.

K: Hey! Watch where you're-

She looks up at him.

K: Whoa. Someone's mama fed him well.

THUG 3: Who's top of the food chain now, twerp?

The guy's tail wraps around K and he hoists her up to eye level.

THUG 3: Didn’t your mommy ever teach you not to take what wasn’t yours, little kitten?

K (Thought): Little... kitten?

K: Never met the broad. I’m sure she wouldn’t like you, though. But, then, who knows? A lot of women find facial scars attractive.

THUG 3: What facial-

K gets an arm free and swipes directly over the thug's eye with a hand of razor sharp claws. He hisses and drops her as he doubles over, holding his face. K lands on her feet and turns around to pick up her satchel and the coins.

K: 1-2-3-4-

K looks over her shoulder as the other two thugs round the corner, both snorting and snarling like bulls. She scoops up all of her stuff at once.

K: Count later!

K turns and runs off down the street in their direction. Soon she’s moving so fast that she leaves a trail of dust in her wake, and appearing as little more than a blur. The two bovine thugs try to block her path, but before they can get a hand on her, she jumps up, lands a foot on one of their skulls, then jumps again and lands behind them both, finding herself cut off by a large crowd of people in the street.

THUG 2: When I get my hands on that brat...

THUG 1: You’ll hand her to the boss, like we was told to. Let’s move!

K tries shoving her way through the thick crowd of people. Behind her the bovine thugs plow through people to get to her.

K: Oh, this is not going to end well.

K leaps up and kicks off of the nearby wall, then lands on a woman’s head. She gains her balance then looks down on the lady, who looks up at her in shock.

K: Uh... Love your hair!

K leaps off, running on top of the crowd and using people’s heads as stepping stones. As the crowd thins out, K lands back on the street and promptly turns around.

K: Ah, my adoring public!

She blows kisses to the crowd and bows.

K: Later!

Then she dashes off, leaving yet another trail of dust behind her. Shortly thereafter, the bovine thugs break through to the end of the crowd and look around for her, finding her to be nowhere in sight.

THUG 2: I hate her. So much.


Kantor City. A large, bustling city in which collaboration between Magic, Science, and Alchemy has contributed to a truly prosperous living environment.

Sabrina Bizari walks down the street with her hands in her lab coat pockets. Walking with her is her little brother, Harry. With them is Sabrina’s assistant, Cyan. The tall, blonde woman holds, in her hand, a bright red backpack.

HARRY: C'mon, sis. I'm twelve, now! I don't need a babysitter!

Sabrina sighs with a roll of her eyes as the three of them walk up the front steps of a townhouse on the street.

SABRINA: Harry, don’t give Ms. Kelly a hard time.

HARRY: Why can't I just go to the lab, with you?

Sabrina stares at Harry for a moment. She glances off, as if to ponder and hums.

SABRINA: Weeell... I suppose you can come along and watch me blow stuff up.

HARRY: Really?!

Cyan approaches Harry and hands him his backpack.

CYAN: The professor was demonstrating sarcasm, Mr. Harrison.

SABRINA: You never miss a beat, Cyan.

CYAN: You programmed me not to.

Sabrina blinks and knocks on the door.

SABRINA (Mutter): Note to self. Fix that, later.

Kelly opens the door and welcomes Harry inside. She gives Sabrina a hug and looks up at Cyan, who politely bows to her. A few pleasantries later, Sabrina waves farewell, leaving Harry on Kelly's doorstep. Cyan stands there for a moment and looks back at Harry. Then she follows suit.

CYAN: Mister Harrison showed signs of emotional unrest, professor.

SABRINA: He's twelve. That's all he ever feels. Better he be safe with Kelly than at the lab with us. On the chance I do actually blow stuff up. What kind of big sister would I be, putting his life in jeopardy like that?

CYAN: Understood, professor.

Sabrina glances at Cyan over her shoulder, only to find those vacant, practically dead eyes staring back at her.

CYAN: Is there a problem, professor?

SABRINA: It's nothing. C'mon. The council wants to evaluate the progress on the barrier project. I've sent a few contacts out to gather some blank harmonite for us.

CYAN: Of course.

In time the pair arrive at Sabrina's lab across town.
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Wishful Thinking: Sun Voyage
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